We offer ourselves in the service of God's people by providing four arenas for spiritual awakening and strengthening:

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Energy (Work) KINESIOLOGY, also known as MUSCLE-TESTING (formerly called Specialized Kinesiology), is a method of accessing direct feedback from the body.

Soul Food is a collection of spiritual exercises, daily devotions and prayers to assist us in realigning our thoughts, gaining inspiration, becoming motivated and creating better relationships.

Spiritual Life Coaching uses spiritual principles and activities to support, assist and facilitate people in bringing forth the truth, light (e.g. knowledge and wisdom) and love of the soul as a foundation for living self-fufilling lives.

Our Workshops have been called transformational by many. However, we believe that it is one's connection to Spirit that gives them power to master their lives, change their mind and make life altering changes. Our workshops and exercises are designed to facilitate and evoke a deeper connection to Spirit in order to support one's healing at all levels and to approach life anew.

Astrological Chart Interpretation is a personal stellar roadmap to:

  • Make the most of who you are
  • Understand your partner
  • Understand and master your love style
  • Understand and master your money style, if prosperity is a challenge
  • and much more.

Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development is a wonderful educational program for life-long students. Certifications and Ordinations are awarded to those who are in pursuit of spiritual mastery and desire to serve God's people.

Products is where you can find Iyanla's books, CDs, e-books and home-made soaps. Your purchases here directly help Inner Visions Worldwide as you Invest In Yourself!