Products: MasterPeace Clearing & Releasing Soap

MasterPeace Clearing & Releasing Soap by Iyanla VanzantThis woodsy herbal blend is made with bitter and astringent herbs and prayer decreeing the release of toxic and obstructing energies. Use this soap when you are experiencing stress, nervous tension, repetitive negative thoughts or trauma of any kind. The is an excellent soap for clearing energy when thought and behaviors patterns are unproductive. Use while showering and speak aloud those things you desire to release from you mind, heart or life. Do not dry off with a towel. Allow your body to air dry or go directly into bed. Also makes an excellent hand soap when involved in legal issues of all kinds or, when ending a relationship. For bathing, use 2-3 capfuls in a tub of warm water.

8 oz. - $24.00
GGift pack of five 4 oz. bottles for $45

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