Life Academy

Weight Release Boot Camp

Facilitated by Rev. Carmen Gonzalez

Releasing excess weight can be one of the most challenging experiences we face in this life. In part, it is difficult because we focus on what we put in the body rather than what is going on within the mind and heart that supports the weight staying on the body. The other difficulty is often the fear, shame, guilt and lack of support we experience in facing the underlying causes of the weight gain. This Boot Camp addresses every aspect of being involved in weight gain and weight release. The good news is that the journey toward releasing weight is a journey toward re-claiming your authentic identity and your ideal body size - no matter what that size may be. In the process we transform our relationship with food and the reasons we eat.

The Boot Camp meets daily, at 5:30 am (EST), for 6 consecutive weeks. Don't let that frighten you. You will have support in the form of an accountability partner. Slowly but surely we will examine and transform our relationship with ourselves, our bodies and food. Because this is a group process you have the opportunity to contribute to the collective release of the community. In other words, what you release has value to the collective.