Life Academy

Relationship Boot Camp

For Spouses, Lovers, Parents and Siblings

Facilitated by Ken and Renee Kizer

If you know that you need help but have been reluctant to seek it, here is a solution. From the safety and comfort of your home you can have access to our relationships experts. They will coach you, support you and where necessary, correct you so that you can heal, improve or salvage your current relationship. This Boot Camp is for anyone and everyone who is in a committed relationship and is serious about cleaning up their act. We will tackle the hard issues in order to create a new way of relating to ourselves and each other.

Our work in this class will be to explore and examine issues related to:

Trust and Respect – for self and others
Intimacy (This is not only sexual, it is interpersonal connection)
Communication – why is it so dang hard??!!
Power Struggles – how not to insist on having it your way
Nurturing and Support – giving and receiving with no strings
Money and Shared Responsibilities – give more, demand less
Boundaries – deal breakers and sacred spaces
How To Heal Breakdowns – trouble comes to pass not to stay