Life Academy

Re-Building the Foundation of Self

Facilitated By Iyanla Vanzant

It all begins with you! Whatever is in your world is there in response to an energetic invitation. There is nothing outside of you that has power over you - absolutely nothing. If you are experiencing something or anything that is undesirable, the cause, reason and root is within you. This module is designed to support you in cleaning up and clearing your mental, emotional and spiritual energy so that you can begin to attract and sustain your desires.

Each week we will examine and explore an aspect of the self in order to discover and transform the patterns of thought, belief and behavior that may not serve your highest good and your heartfelt desires.

Week 1 - Self Image: Just Who Are You?
Week 2 - Self Value: How Do You Really Treat Yourself?
Week 3 - Self Worth: Asking For What You Deserve
Week 4 – Where Are You Settling? Asking For What You Want
Week 5 – Creating A New Identity: The Power Of Forgiveness
Week 6 - Re-Writing Your Life Script