Life Academy

Rebuilding Your Belief Library

Facilitated By Iyanla Vanzant

A belief is a thought fueled by emotion that you think over and over until it becomes a habit. When a thought becomes a habit, it becomes the filter through which we see ourselves, others and the world. The challenge is that beliefs create expectations and - we always experience what we expect, even when we are not aware that the expectation exists.

There is no more powerful force directing and driving our everyday behavior than what we believe. Each belief has the power to create or to destroy. A belief delivers a direct command to the nervous system that drives every thought and emotion. Our work in this module will be to explore and re-create our belief library in order to transform our expectations and experiences.

Week 1 – The Anatomy of a Belief
Week 2 – Surveying Your Belief Library
Week 3 – Understanding How Beliefs Operate and Create
Week 4 – Dismantling False Beliefs
Week 5 – Transforming Your Belief System
Week 6 – Creating and Energizing Your Belief Bank