Personal Development Program


The Inner Visions Institute Personal Development Program is an innovative, experiential learning process calling out to those who are committed to the journey of self-discovery and healing.  Healing, used in this context means: “to make whole; to restore” at the core of all personal growth and development.  At the Inner Visions Institute, we understand that this level of discovery is more than intellectual pursuit!  Personal development requires a willingness to see and know yourself at a level that the intellect can access.  Personal development begins with acknowledging and accepting the sum total of who you are; grounded in a commitment to shift, transform and heal those aspects of your being that no longer serve your higher good. 

Greatness lives within you! This greatness must be nurtured and nourished.  The Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development is a nurturing ground for who you are and nourishes who you desire to become.  Our program provides you with the guiding spiritual principles that facilitate rigorous self-examination required for personal development and growth. This examination is supported and enhanced as we teach you the tools and practices required to engage in a consistent spiritual practice. This results in a deeper awareness of and connection to your authentic identity; the truth of who you are and the greatness that lies within.  Our two-year Personal Development Program nurtures you into a foundation for a lifetime of personal and spiritual growth yielding a powerful and positive harvest in every aspect of your life experience

The Inner Visions Institute Personal development program utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to support students in using the knowledge they gain in a personal and practical manner.  By learning to recognize and embrace universal law and spiritual principles, students are given the opportunity to learn how to integrate spiritual knowledge and spiritual practices as they examine their lives to gain a better understanding of themselves. Basic Coaching Skills and principles are taught as the means of facilitating the meaningful, self-supportive and self-loving examination which results in healing and personal development. All learning experiences are designed to support students in recognizing and releasing habitual patterns of thought and behavior in order to create and realize an elegant and dynamic personal vision. Our program is designed to teach you everything you need to know about yourself and the process of life that you did not learn in traditional educational environments.


Learning experiences and instruction are delivered through a combination of online instruction, monthly face-to-face sessions, faculty and peer coaching sessions and support meetings. The integration of the instruction process begins at the week-long Summer Intensive held in beautiful Rhinebeck, NY.  Each session offering instruction with hands-on experiences serves as an intensive orientation preparing the student for success throughout the remainder of the year.  Our in-class monthly instructional sessions are conducted at our Maryland location.  Each monthly class meeting is further supported by online interactions via webinar and weekly conference calls with faculty and peers.  Students’ assignments are issued and monitored with online instructional tools.  We encourage all prospective students to have a basic proficiency in computer applications and usage.

YEAR 1: Knowledge and Integration of five content areas that form the IVISD Learning Foundation for Personal Development.

  • Practical Metaphysics – study of universal law and principles required for the development of a balanced and productive life style.
  • Healthy Mind/Healthy Body – study of basic human developmental needs that can be, and often are lacking as a result of generational pathology and environment
  • Meditation Practices & Principles -study of the techniques and practices that facilitates and supports self-awareness, healing and development at the mental level.
  • Prayer Practices & Principles – study of the various forms and applications of inner communion which facilitate and enhance personal development and healing on all levels of life experiences.
  • Effective Communication – the study of the tools, skills and practices that result in deeper, more intimate connections in all areas of life experience.

YEAR 2:   Students refine and demonstrate their knowledge of skills, tools and practices necessary for the manifestation of their personal vision and the enhancement of personal relationships.

  • Life Mastery: Building A Purposeful Life Plan- students learn and are supported in the development and execution of a Living Vision Life Plan that supports the manifestation of personal desires.
  • Fundamentals of Spiritual Life Development – students learn the process and practice of integrating spiritual practices to facilitate personal healing as they create a balance approach to life experiences. 
  • The Bridge: Fundamentals of Coaching Techniques and Ethics – through instruction and supervised peer coaching, students integrate basic coaching skills and tools as the foundation for a principle based communication and interaction process.
  • Fundamentals of Relationships – using a spiritually grounded principle format, students engage in an experiential process to restore, enhance and evolve interpersonal relationships.
  • Introduction to A Course in Miracles – introduction to the practice and process of clearing and balancing emotions by employing spiritual principles
  • Conscious Connected Breathing – introduction to and practice of the use of breath as a personal healing and development tool.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique – introduction to and practice of this spiritual technology is offered to support students in clearing emotional energy while developing internal balance and strength.


Graduates of the Inner Visions Institute Personal Development Program will be equipped to:

  • Demonstrate mastery of universal law and spiritual principles as an approach to life experiences;
  • Develop and maintain a consistent spiritual practice that supports and enhances personal development;
  • Demonstrate and sustain effective communication practices in all arenas of life;
  • Create and manifest personal desires through intentionality and consistent action;
  • Create, engage and maintain deeper, more meaningful interpersonal relationships;
  • Participate as effective members in family and community settings in a loving, supportive manner.

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We believe as you learn you grow, and as you grow you teach.