Ministerial Ordination

Four-Year Program
Ministerial Ordination

Upon completion of the two year basic program in Personal Development, a student is eligible to enter the two-year program of ministerial studies.

This program culminates in ordination as a Minister of Spiritual Consciousness (MSC). An MSC is one who recognizes, understands, advances, facilitates and is committed to the evolution of humanity and human behavior through the application of spiritual laws and principles as revealed by the life and teachings of Christ.

The IVISD ministerial track prepares the student to serve in the capacity of supporting and guiding others into a deeper more intimate relationship with God, while anchoring the presence of love.

MSC candidates are also prepared to officiate the sacred sacraments/ceremonies of a spiritually grounded life (e.g. Baptism, Marriage, Death-Burial and Internment.)

Four Year Ordination Classes

All enrolled students receive Ordination as Ministers of Spiritual Consciousness upon satisfactory fulfillment of requirements for each of the following courses:

  • A Course in Miracles (Part II)
  • Advanced Development
  • Leadership Integration
  • Life Enhancement
  • Metaphysical Bible Interpretation
  • Pastoral Care and Ministerial Development
  • Scriptural Study Presentations
  • Scripture, Worship and Homiletical Development
  • Service Project
  • Spiritual Leadership

We believe as you learn you grow, and as you grow you teach.