Don't Give It Away!

A Workshop for Young Women (13 - 17) There is Power in an Environment of Loving Support and Focused Energy!

"Don't Give It Away!" is designed to love and support young women into a state of peace, joy health and love.

Young women must be free of the mental and emotional limitations that put them "at risk." Exposure to certain experiences in this society may cloud the mind and the heart of a young person. When you cannot think clearly, you cannot make conscious choices or decisions. When emotional energy is blocked, you are not prepared to create a viable reality. Through the exercises and practices shared during this workshop, young women are able to clear blocks, move beyond limitations and are, thereby, prepared to create a viable future.

Combining universal laws and empowerment techniques enables "Don't Give It Away!" to offer valuable tools to our young women. The only requirement is an open mind, open heart, the willingness to grow and that they have the support of loving adults.

"Don't Give It Away!" is an experiential learning process which places one in touch with emotional and mental patterning which may inhibit the ability to live up to one's potential.

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