Life Academy

Developing An Effective Spiritual Practice :
Growing In Divine Intimacy

Facilitated by Iyanla Vanzant, Helen Jones, Almasi Wilcots, Lydia Ruiz, Carmen Gonzalez

In this course you will learn and have an in-depth experience with the activities and tools that assist you in creating a sacred space and atmosphere within yourself that will anchor your awareness of Spirit/God/the Universe/a Higher Power in your life. Your spirit, like your mind and body requires attention and dedication in order to be developed into a resource that will become a significant and meaningful power source in your life.   A Daily Spiritual Practice is committed and focused time that you spend aligning your head, heart and spirit with the indwelling divinity that is your authentic identity. 

COACHING PRINCIPLES: Alignment, Devotion, Presence, Unification, Reverence, Surrender and Trust

COACHING SKILLS: Prayer, Centering, Meditation, Inner Listening, Mantra