Life Academy

Clearing Family Pathology: A 4 week tele-conference

Facilitated by Iyanla Vanzant

Coming in March 2012, dates TBA

Financial commitment: $288.00

We all inherit certain family characteristics from our parents which they inherited from their parents. Unfortunately, we pay very little attention to the emotional, psychological and spiritual essence that runs through our DNA. Some of it is good and some of it is not. How much of “them” is operating in you? How much of what you inherited is not working in your favor? You have a divine right to live a life without baggage, inherited issues and unconscious patterns of belief and behavior that do not support you. Are you ready for a change? Are you ready for a miracle?

Each week we will identify, repair or re-create the strands of our emotional and psychological DNA that may not be working in our favor. Some of these propensities we inherited. Others we created. No worries! It is time to make sure that what is “in” us is working “for” us. This class is for those who are serious about healing from the inside out.

Week 1 – In What Did You Marinate? The Condition of the Womb
Week 2 – What Did You See/Hear/Learn About Yourself?
Week 3 – What Did You See/Hear/Learn About Men and Women?
Week 4 – What Did You See/Hear/Learn About Relationships?
Week 5 – What Did You See/Hear/Learn About Money?
Week 6 – Relaying The Foundation of Your Life