Life Academy

Embracing and Nurturing Me

Facilitated By Rev. Nancy Yeates

Start date: January 17 at 9 p.m. EST

Have you had enough already, of putting everyone else first; giving to others when you have not thought about what you need; saying yes when you want to say no?

Well, now is the time to end the experiences that have manifested as self-neglect or self-abandonment. In the Care-Fully process you will have an opportunity to become aware of mental, emotional and spiritual patterns of behavior that you may be engaging in that have created a sense of neglect or abandonment . You will have the opportunity to choose what and how to release these behaviors and engage in a process to take care of you: Care-Fully!

Who is more important than you? Who is more important than you? Who is really more important than you?

That is right: No One.

Know and show yourself how you want to be treated and everyone else will know how to treat you as well.

This is your first step to demonstrate, it is all about you!

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$109.00 for the 6 week series.