Put Your Big Girl Panties On!

When You Have Your Big Girl Panties On
You are Powerful, Peaceful and Prayerful!
You know what you want and you go for it - - - with boldness and faith!
You are self-reflecting and self-correcting because you know what works for you.
And . . . You are willing to work to get it!

This Six-week Group Coaching Series - For Women Only - is designed to support you in Discovering, Embracing and Living as your Authentic Self – A Powerful, Capable, Response-Able and Creative woman.

This is the series that will give you what you need to sharpen the tools need and those you already have to take COURAGEOUS, BOLD and OUTRAGEOUS steps towards creating the life you choose to live in 2012!

You will be CHALLENGED to take a heartfelt look at how you have Denied Your Power, Playing Small, Playing Safe and Living With Less Than You Deserve or Desire.

You will be COACHED into shifting from being an Observer to become an active, willing, creative participant in your life.

Once you have completed this series you will:

  • Live Authentically embracing your power in every experience!
  • Shift and Re-creative those things that do not in support the authentic you!
  • Be at Peace with yourself, your past and the possibilities of the future!
  • Take BOLD Action Steps towards consistently with commitment and courage!

Register for the FREE Orientation
Wednesday July 11, 2012
8:00 pm

Join Coach Maq Ele’ of G-STRING Living to find out more about what it takes to be a big girl who wears her panties with pride.

G-STRING Living (verb): 1. acronym meaning Gracefully Standing True Receiving InNer Guidance. 2. A way of being that supports you in discovering, embracing and living as your authentic self- the way God intended for you to live. 3. Metaphorically represents living your life like a G-STRING: open, carefree, uninhibited and authentic. Synonyms: God-STRING, Gratitude-STRING, Grace-STRING.